by 144Play

War declared
On these black streets
Outlined in white
Outlining lives that have never mattered
At least not in the eyes of Blue
Uniformed Gestapo
Patrolling the Dark corridors of the Black Masses
Weeding out the unintelligent souls of forgotten heritage
War declared
On this soul-less world
Skin pulled so tight from repeated rhythmic hits on African…
Withdrawn burdens lifted from armed overseers
Believed to be scared for their well being
Shots keep on keeping on
Expecting justice
In these killing fields of
March on Washington to show our Power encased in Black
We have rights
To die at the hands of a few lunatics in this WAR
Spewed out in this underground mass media
Familiar past
Familiar futures
Familiar underground
Familiar sights
Black faces in familiar poses
Crossed between sadness and pained agony
In this blue world order
Destroying lives in black
Under armed nooses
Curtailing life’s precious gift 
Suffocating hurried breaths reflecting fleeting moments
Stop resisting spewed into unhearing receptors
Get down
As multiple knees thrust deeply upon painful flesh
Souls taken underground
On fear based society of a beast of burden 
In black and brown hue
Colored images of deceit
Pride of the hunted prey
No longer chained but whipped just the same
In these
Trying times repeatedly
Identity blown away by ghostly teachings of his story

War by 144Play

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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